Adaptogen Vs Stimulant: What You Need To Know

In today’s video, we’re discussing the benefits and hazards of such stimulants. What are adaptogens? Can adaptogens replace your morning cup of coffee? We’re talking about all this and more…

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Intro – 0:00
So what are stimulants? – 0:30
So what are adaptogens? – 3:36
How are adaptogens beneficial for our bodies? – 4:20
So what kind of adaptogens can you buy? – 5:18
So what’s the best way to consume them? – 6:02


What are stimulants?

Tea, coffee, energy drinks, soda, and chocolates are filled with chemical compounds like tannin and caffeine. They generally fall in the category of stimulants. Just one cup before work will have you feeling up and ready. While coffee may seem like your friend, there’s a downside. You eventually become exhausted from it.

What are adaptogens?
There are many complex definitions of adaptogens, but for the sake of this video, we’ll simplify it. Adaptogens are herbal medicines known to combat stress by boosting different systems in your body.
Scientists stumbled upon them during World War II, while searching for a miracle pill for pilots.

How are adaptogens beneficial for our bodies?
Adaptogens are so good, it’s almost hard to believe they’re actually the thing.

Our body undergoes stress in three different phases. There is the Alarm Phase, Phase of Resistance, and the Phase of Exhaustion. Consider an early morning office meeting you have to attend, even though you haven’t slept. The beginning of the meeting can be addressed as the alarm phase. The body starts producing adrenaline. It keeps your body alert through the meeting. Your struggle to stay awake can be called the phase of resistance. Soon after, you reach the point where you no longer can cope, and need to take a quick nap. That is the Phase of Exhaustion.

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