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Nissim Malul tells us that in traditional Chinese medicine, you pay the doctor when you’re well — not when you’re sick. Because if you’re sick, the doctor’s not doing his job.

It sums up his philosophy of preventative medicine: do a little bit every day to build and maintain good health.

In this podcast episode, we delve into the industrial-agricultural complex: did you know glyphosate (routinely sprayed on all non-organic wheat in this country) is an antibiotic that has been found in federal court to cause cancer — and may be linked to autism?

We talk about how we can’t talk about it — wink wink.

To promote optimal health, Malul has patented a very unique water purification technology based on a matrix of 102 ionic magnetic minerals, extracted from a rare source of biotite volcanic rock. Not only is it ideal for purifying drinking water, it’s great for plant growth as well.

As Malul tells it, every biological process requires a mineral to activate it. We’re missing many of those minerals required to thrive, because we’ve been depleting our soil for so long. “We are — on a global level — starving nutritionally from the soil up,” he says.

The good news? Malul says that supplementing with herbs and minerals using formulas drawn from millennia of alternative medical practice across cultures can boost your immunity and longevity. He combines elements of Taoist, Ayurvedic, Thai, Amazonian and Middle Eastern medicine.

We dive into the power of adaptogens: those herbs and mushrooms that have the capacity to heal. “Adaptogens meet the body where it’s at, and they reduce the stress response,” he says.

His shroom extract blend includes varieties that are also being studied in cancer patients for their role in alleviating the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Listen in as we discuss our mutual love for Dr. Joe Dispenza…and the incredible power of his meditation techniques that help us break free from ourselves.

Nissim Malul is a formulator, speaker, educator, health enthusiast, an NLP practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming), a hypnotherapist and modern-day alchemist. Malul has been involved in the alternative health arena for more than 25 years and his studies have taken him across the globe and into almost every healing modality you can imagine: meditation techniques at Osho’s center in India, Reiki studies in Pune, massage in Thailand, naturopathy treatments, and philosophy. In the United States, Nissim spent years studying health sciences and later hypnotherapy. He is also a certified NLP practitioner via a master trainer of Tad James School for NLP.

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