Ashwagandha Coca and Dhatura Tropane alklaoid its phytochemistry and benefits

Tropane_molecule_represents_the_fusion_of_pyrrolidine_ piperidine_ring with common methylated nitrogen.
The. alkaloids containing with methylated tropane nucleus are chemotaxonomic characters family Solanaceae.
Out of 10-12 such alkaloids of this family, therapeutic value is present only in I-hyoscyamine. hyoscine and racemic form of hyoscyamine viz.atropine.
They have anticholinergic effects. They are employed for different purposes.
Hydroscyamine is used in parkinsonism. Hyoscine is useful as preanaesthetic in surgery and also in motion sickness.
Atropine is employed to achieve paralysis of parasympathetic nerves like in
treatment of eye disease
Family Solanaceae includes 72 genera, out of which only 8 genera viz. Datura, Atropa, DubOisia, Hyoscyamus, Scopolia, Physoclaina, Mandragora and Solandra contain I-hyoscyamine,
1. Hydroscyamine as main alkaloid: Datura stramonium, Atropa belladonna, A. acuminata, Duboisia myoporaides (South Australian Strain).
2. Hyoscine as main alkaloid: D. metel, Duboisia myoporaides (North Australian Strain)
3. Hydroscyamine and Hyoscine (both in low quantities) : Hyoscyamus niger, Mandragora officinarum.
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