Benefits of Cordyceps- Energy, Immunity & Primal Power!

Addictive Wellness Cordyceps:
Cordyceps is one of our absolute favorite herbs and certainly one of the herbs that we use most frequently. 

Cordyceps is one of the premier Jing (core kidney adrenal energy) herbs in the Chinese system.  Wild cordyceps is the most expensive herb in the world ($20,000 per kilo) because of how difficult it is to forage, but modern innovation now allows for high-potency cordyceps to be grown via fermentation in a way that is completely vegan and much more affordable than wild cordyceps!

Cordyceps is a fantastic herb for athletes and also those who need mental energy, as it improves oxygen utilization- allowing more oxygen to actually get to the brain and muscles.  It also contains a compound called cordycepin that benefits ATP (pure cellular energy) production. When you have more ATP, EVERYTHING works better!.

Cordyceps also appears to increase testosterone synthesis in animal studies in a way that suggests it possesses testosterone regulatory properties, rather than simply causing a blind spike of testosterone.  Women, this is important for you too! Guys need 30x the levels of testosterone that women need, but it is still tremendously important for drive, energy, libido, and strength of muscles and bones. Initial studies also suggest that healthy testosterone levels may guard women against breast cancer.

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