Cordyceps Mushroom Protein Smoothie Recipe

The perfect pre or post work-out smoothie packed with all the elements you need to heal your gut and cool yourself down. High protein, work-out optimising frothy banana smoothie that’s both energising and comforting.

Full of healthy fats with the macadamia nuts plus your digestive system will love the soothing effects of mucilaginous marshmallow root. Your stomach will thank you!

Maca, the Peruvian high altitude adaptogen superfood, will give you energy and protein. Great for athletic performance. Take your pick — either drink it before you hit the gym, or replenish after your sweat session. Marries in some lovely creaminess from our sweet medicinal mushroom: Tremella. Cordyceps comes in with its salted caramel flavor, packing an interesting umami element as well. Vegan and cultivated for peace of mind. Great for regulating menstrual issues and sperm count. Awesome kidney and adrenal function Jing herb. This smoothie will leave you feeling super charged!


-1/4-1tsp of SuperFeast Cordyceps
-1-2 taps of SuperFeast Tremella
-1 banana
-fist punch of marshmallow root
-1/2 tsp maca
-10 macadamia nuts
-150 mls water
-small handful of ice

Blend and enjoy!!!

SuperFeast Cordyceps
Cordyceps is considered a life-enhancing herb in the Taoist herbal tradition. Cordyceps is used to increase blood oxygenation and cultivate Jing – the primordial energy living in the Kidneys. With increased Jing, we experience improved core energy, cellular performance, endurance and reduced recovery time.

SuperFeast Tremella
For thousands of years, Tremella has been used by noblemen and women of the Orient as a youth-preserving tonic. This hydrating, beautifying herb is packed-full of potent antioxidants that create a radiant complexion and bring lubrication to our deep tissue and vital organs.


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