Cordyceps Soup for Erectile Dysfunction – A Chinese Herbal Therapy

Cordyceps Soup for Erectile Dysfunction. Cordyceps is a herb or more specifically a fungus that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic for both men and women. It is meant to improve health and is also believed to be an Aphrodisiac. It is sometimes used by men for erectile – dysfunction. I am not a Medical Doctor nor am I a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, so I can only tell you what I know from my personal experience. I heard about Cordyceps about 5 years ago when looking into natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. After much research on the internet, I bought a package at a Chinese grocery store and made a soup from it. Based on my experience, I can say that Cordyceps does improve erectile function. Although it doesn’t work as drastically as medication such as Viagra, I do notice a difference with erections from when I do use Cordyceps as compared to when I don’t use it. On the internet, there is discussion that Cordyceps works on erectile dysfunction by improving blood flow and by increasing testosterone in the blood. The internet says there are no contra-indications to the use of Cordyceps that I have found, but there may be some side effects such as nausea.

DISCLAIMER: I am not suggesting to anyone to try Cordyceps, but if you are interested, I would suggest doing some research on the internet and maybe consult with a medical doctor prior to using it. I find Cordyceps is much cheaper and more natural than taking medications. I will generally take Cordyceps in soup form anywhere from once a week to every two weeks. I have found from experience that taking Cordyceps everyday lessons its effectiveness, so taking it in moderation is better.

– For Chinese herbal soups, the stock is generally made just from chicken bones and/ or meat. I suggest removing the skin prior to making the stock and also the chicken/ bones are usually blanched for about 5 minutes and the water thrown out and fresh water added to make the stock.
– I generally bring the soup to a boil, and then turn it down to a simmer and cook the soup that way for about 3 hours. I don’t use a pressure cooker or make the soup at a full boil when using Chinese herbs, as I believe high heat may affect the effectiveness of the herbs.
– I generally don’t use salt in herbal soups, but if you must, then use minimal salt. Chinese herbal soups should not be salty.
– If I am following a recipe with specific weights of the herbs, I will use a kitchen scale for precise measurements.
– Chinese herbal soups should be eaten hot or warm, but never cold.
– Many Chinese will just drink the liquid from Chinese herbal soups, but many herbs can also be eaten, although there are herbs that can not. For this recipe, the Cordyceps, Chinese Yam and Goji Berry can all be eaten. The Cordyceps tastes like a hard mushroom, but I always eat it. I think eating the Cordyceps gives you better effectiveness.


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