Cordyceps, the Zombie Mushroom

The cordyceps mushroom is one of the stranger fungi out there, but it is packed with health benefits. Learn about these mushrooms, where they grow, what their health benefits are, and how to use them.

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►My favorite mushroom cookbooks: — The mushroom cookbook, by Michael Hyams and Liz O’Keefe — Wild Mushrooms: A Cookbook and Foraging Guide, by Kristen and Trent Blizzard

►My favorite mushroom field guides:

If you are looking for wild mushrooms, you need an excellent mushroom identification field guide. My favorite is the Audubon Field Guide to Mushrooms. It’s out of print and expensive, but I consider it indispensable to help me identify mushrooms. You can usually find a used copy on Amazon for $50 or so. Here’s the link: — Audubon National Society Field Guide to Mushrooms

Falcon Guides puts out a newer (and cheaper) mushroom field guide that is also very good. — Falconguides, North American Mushrooms, a FIeld Guide


►Important Disclaimer:

Never eat any mushrooms that you find outdoors without first consulting an expert. Information on the internet is a good start, but the consequences of eating the wrong mushroom can be severe.

I recommend the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) for those who would like to learn how to forage for mushrooms. NAMA has chapters across North America that offer classes and guided mushroom hikes. Learn more at their website:


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