KHUMBII SUCCESS STORIES #1 #asthma #bronchitis #allergy #breathing disorder #cordyceps militaris

KHUMBII deals in production and sales of cordyceps militaris , which has lot of medicinal benefits.
We are just normal mushroom growers trying to show the benefits of a special kind of mushroom which actually does wonders.

Here is the first part of our success story ,
11 year old boy Aniket Patwal was suffering from allergy and breathing disorder( running nose ,sneezing ,wheezing sound while sleeping ) almost got cured within a month.
Due to allergy he was not allowed to consume ketchup, chocolate, curd, rice pineapple etc. as these products elevated conditions of sneezing and redness of eyes.

If you are suffering from any kind of breathing disorder and allergy
please contact us by dropping us a message in the comments box, or contact us @ 8383050371 as this may help you.


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