Detoxing your endocrine system with adaptogens🌱

Wayne dyer :

I’m still here just human And I’m prone to being extremely lazy.benefits of MEDITATION.
What I am speaking of is a REAL LIFE “fourth wall break.” -the path to freedom from suffering.🙏🏻
The moment an unconscious program goes unchecked One misses the opportunity for spiritual growth.Meditation is an opportunity to see these things and work through them! That is how one goes to heaven. Remembering what we came to the spiritual university to heal!

Yoga practice I did today:

It just so happened I was off today for the first time in a while so I made the absolute best use of it! Spent a couple hours at the beach, did a bunch of mountain biking, now did some yoga and did my first Joe Dispenza got a Meditation and it Was crazy! I know used to talk about meditation And lucid dreaming as well as other awareness based things,so much but then I didn’t practice every day so I was technically a poser. Lately it’s been every day and the results just keep getting better. I just want to share the joy And peace from it with all of you. If everyone would just turn off the TV and go behind their eyes once a day, the entire world will transform into a heaven. But until that happens, we can individually go behind closed eyes and experience a heaven on earth. Peace and love.

Links to things that are transforming my life into something more heavenly on earth-
🙏🏻Yoga with Adriane:

Yoga for Flexible Mind and Body | Yoga With Adriene

I want everyone to overcome the bad habits and traps of this 3D matrix, because if you succeed, I succeed! We are all one
Sacred postures and quantum consciousness free link:

Limitless- the flow state

Rising higher meditation track in the background I’ve been working with this gem for over a year…

Program Your Mind for Growth, Success & Prosperity. Affirmations for Entrepreneurs while you sleep!

A great FREE APP that trains you and reminds you to go lucid while dreaming! 😀👁❤️🙏🏻:

A course in miracles FREE AUDIOBOOK:

MONOATOMIC ORMUS or anything you see in this video :

This whole series is mind blowing (and soul opening)😉❤️🙏🏻 I pay for Gaia and so can share unlimited vids! Get at me in the comments for links- everyone needs the REAL spiritual truth that can be found in this Information Age. Best of luck on all your journeys. The free app I use to formally meditate easily


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