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Have you tried doTERRA doTERRA Turmeric Capsules yet? Learn more here: When we look at the whole plant of Turmeric, we know that is has great value. Part of the thought process has been, what would happen if we kept more of the whole plant together, and combined.

The turmeric root has a couple different molecules that benefit the body. The first are the curcuminoids, which have been used for their anti-oxidant properties, as well as their ability to support a health inflammatory response within the body. The other key compounds are turmerones. These are small aromatic molecules known for their neuro-protective benefits. However, both curcuminoids and turmerones are found in very low concentrations in the plant. That’s why we produced turmeric essential oil last year. The steam distillation process pulls out the highest possible concentration of turmerones, so that we end up with a high-quality essential oil that contains about 70% turmerones. However, because curcuminoid molecules aren’t volatile, they don’t transition into steam through the distillation process. A high-quality turmeric essential oil shouldn’t have any curcuminoids present in the chemistry if it’s been distilled in the right way. In order to get the turmeric product with a high concentration of curcuminoids, you have to extract them using a solvent, which is a completely separate process from steam distillation. The issue with turmeric products on the market is that they’ve had to make a choice, between a product high in turmerones, or a product high in curcuminoids. There’s never been a product that utilizes the full potential of turmeric root, because you need both of these compounds together, in high concentration, with the right delivery model, to maximize the benefits of turmeric.

So this is the challenge we faced. We knew we would have to extract these key compounds through completely separate processes, and we needed to find a way to combine them back into one product in the end. After over three years of work on this one product, I can finally say that we have created the first-ever turmeric dual-chamber capsule. The outer layer has a 70% concentration of turmerones, and the inner chamber has turmeric powder, with a 95% concentration of curcuminoids. It’s a revolutionary technology, that combines all the best parts of this one plant.

This has not been done before, and I’m really excited about the prospect that this creates, and not just in this one product, but the opportunity for us to be creative going forward. doTERRA is always going to lead from the front, always going to be creative, however, I would add, creative with a purpose.
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