First steps for making a Ficus microcarpa ginseng Bonsai: repotting and pruning

I’m taking the first steps for making a Ficus microcarpa ginseng Bonsai, that is, repotting the Ficus in proper Bonsai soil and pruning all the unwanted shoots to start forming a primary branch structure.

Ficus ginseng is commonly sold as a Bonsai. But is it really a Bonsai? In this video I start by discussing what is a Ficus ginseng and how it is grown. Then, having my own Ficus microcarpa ginseng specimen I take the first small steps to transform it into a real bonsai. I’m repotting the ginseng ficus into a larger pot using proper bonsai soil and bury the bulbous roots to enable the tree to grow vigorously. Next, I’m pruning back all the small branches to a bare minimal that should make the start of the primary branch structure.

This Ficus microcarpa project is a long term one as I first have to let the tree grow for a year or two to obtain a thicker main trunk from the current leader and correct the existing inverse taper as well as the size discrepancy between the roots and trunk.

Image used in this video: Ginseng by Eugene Kim, via Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0,

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