Ginseng, redginseng, ginseng extract, tea, ginseng candy, ginseng jelly by Sobaek Korea / 소백코리아

“Red Ginseng Liquid”

This product is pure red ginseng liquid made by extracting Punggi Korean ginseng for 48 hours. Since ginseng is used in double amounts, Red Ginseng Liquid is very strong. In order to reduce bitterness and enable consumers to drink easily, we have added three percent of the honey which was used to preserve red ginseng. Red Ginseng Liquid is good for boosting immunity, energy and stamina.

* Packing Unit : 100 x 60 packets, 100 x 30 packets

* Ingredients and Content
6-Years Old Red Ginseng(Korean) 100%

* Ingredient Mixture Percent
Red Ginseng 42%, Red Ginseng Root 40%, Red Ginseng Essence 15%, Sugar 3%

* Direction
Take one packet for one serving, twice a day before or after meals
Children under 13: Take a third of the adult dosage
It is recommended to take on a regular basis

* Brand : SOBAEK KOREA / 소백코리아
* Country/Territory: Korea
* Business Type: Manufacturer
* Products: Red Ginseng Extract, Red Ginseng Liquid, Red Ginseng Tea,
Honeyed Red Ginseng, Red Ginseng Slices, Red Ginseng Powder,
Red Ginseng Candy, Red Ginseng Jelly

* Major Export Markets: US, Japan, Brazil, South-East Asia, China, Taiwan, Australia

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소백코리아 홍삼농축액
대한민국 인삼명장이 직접 경작한 6년근 풍기인삼으로만 만든 100% 홍삼농축액으로 면역력향상, 기억력개선, 혈행개선, 피로회복에 도움이 되는 건강기능성제품입니다.


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