How to Cook ANTI-AGING Cordyceps Flower Chinese Herbal Soup


This tasty ANTI-AGING Cordyceps Flower Chinese Herbal Soup is absolutely aromatic and excellent for both children and adults. It replenishes energy, improves skin complexion & eyesight, nourishes lungs and builds up immune system.

Here are the Ingredients for ANTI-AGING Cordyceps Flower Chinese Herbal Soup

15gram Chong Chou Fa (cordycep flowers)
20gram Yuk Zhuk (polygonaturm)
20gram Hoi Zhuk (sweet polygonaturm)
30gram Huai Shan (yam rhizome)
30gram Dong Shum (radix codonopsis)
10 red dates
1 honey dates
2 teaspoon goji berries

DRIED SEAFOOD – soak for 20 minutes or till soften (retain the water to add into the soup later)
1 slice of conch shell
6 big dried scallops
20 small dried scallops
1gram sea bird nest (full of marine collagen and make the soup creamy)

500gram – Chicken Breast & Carcass
500gram – Soup Bone (optional)

2.5L water

This a satisfying and heartwarming soup to go for if you are feeling under the weather. The soup is rich in collagen from the sea bird nest and is infused with oceanic and sweet flavors of the conch shell and dried scallops.

Do give this ANTI-AGING Cordyceps Flower Chinese Herbal Soup a try.

Nourish lungs
Reduce fatigue
Enhance our immune system
Improve sleep
Tonify kidneys and liver
Cough relief (it helps to moisten the throat)

Hope you like this ANTI-AGING Cordyceps Flower Chinese Herbal Soup recipe and happy trying it out!

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