Hugelkultur growing update #hugulkultur #growing #update

Quick update showing how well things are growing on our hugelkultur.

Hugelkulturs are a fantastic permaculture method of growing made famous by the legend that is Sepp Holzer.

Basically you dig a big hole, fill it with old dead trees, (not fresh ones), then layer it with smaller branches and sticks, dead leaves, old hay, animal bedding etc. You then cover it with soil and you end up with a mound that you plant into.

As all that biomass breaks down it provides nutrients to your plants and it also helps retain water meaning you don’t need to water it very much.

We have had amazing success with everything we’ve planted on hugelkulturs and will definitely make more when we have the time.

Sorry for the abrupt ending to the video! I filmed it when we were in the “heatdome’ with the crazy high temps and my phone said it was too hot and stopped recording!

We are a family of 3 living in Northern British Columbia, Canada. We live off grid and are striving to be as self sufficient as possible. We grow and preserve a huge amount of vegetables aiming to have enough for year round use, without needing to buy any. We use no-dig and permaculture methods for all our growing, working with Mother Nature rather than against. We also forage and eat lots of wild greens and mushrooms.

We have 3 dogs, 2 are livestock guardian breeds and the 3rd is a border collie. We also have 2 rescue goats called Cheech and Chong – they are pets.

I’m on Instagram as @theravensreach. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

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