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– “Right now my question is, is this something that I and only I can do? And I’m prioritizing even more not just for time, but also my energy, and the amount of bandwidth that it takes.” – Lopa van der Mersch

Lopa van der Mersch is Founder and CEO of Rasa, a brand of adaptogenic tonics often used as coffee replacements. Her background in molecular biology and yoga studies led her to seek a healthier alternative to coffee. She founded Rasa in 2018, and the brand now boasts 20 employees, a lineup of eight adaptogenic products, and a $5 million run rate.

Show notes with links, quotes, and a transcript of the episode: https://www.danielscrivner.com/notes/lopa-van-der-mersch1-outlier-academy-show-notes

Chapters in this interview:

– Rasa as a company and an adaptogenic blend
– Lopa’s background and the creation of Rasa
– The concept of energy intelligence
– The Rasa product line
– The importance of herb sourcing and trained staff to Rasa’s success
– How branding and product quality breeds customer loyalty
– The challenges and rewards of being a founder

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