Depression is not a Bad Word with Dr. Callas | ConnecTogether

Can’t shake the 2020 blues? Dr. Callas is back for a #ConnecTogether mental health webinar titled “Depression Is Not a Bad Word”. He covers topics like the normalcy of depression, it’s underlying causes and some natural remedies.

Dr. Patrick Callas is a Naturopathic Doctor with 10 years of clinical experience. His medical focus is on chronic infections, mental health, digestive health, and cancer care. His approach is holistic and collaborative — with you and your healthcare team. He strives to find the underlying causes of illness and then help you treat those root causes. Good medicine is what works and does little to no harm. As such, Dr. Patrick uses nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, ozone therapy, injection therapies, IV nutrients therapies, and pharmaceuticals (as needed) to help his patients achieve balance and wellness.

This webinar was recorded as a part of ConnecTogether, the ConnecTra society’s virtual abilities expo. Learn more at


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