Mold, Mycotoxins & Keys To Mold Detox Testing & Protocols w/ Dr. Rajka Galbraith

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In this episode, I am speaking with Rajka Galbraith, MD – who is an expert in helping women achieve optimal health and educating people on disease prevention, and overcoming many diseases of lifestyle. We will talk about how to use testing to identify your fatigue root causes.

In this podcast, Dr. Galbraith and I discuss:
Testing for mold
The three most common symptoms of mold toxicity
The biggest reasons why people don’t get better
How mitochondria affect fatigue

Show Notes
Organic acid testing to identify mold toxicity (11:03)
When should you get tested for mold toxicity (18:45)
The link between mycotoxins and the vagus nerve (23:40)
Mold toxins, gut health, and colonization (28:00)
Why patients should be heard on their healing journey (34:56)
Who should get tested for mycotoxins (49:53)



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