Pulling Qi (Astral Energy) and Moving Kundalini

This is instinctive Qigong. It’s better for me as an individual than imitating someone elses qigong forms/movements (although that does have value and is a great place to start if you feel a calling to explore). I AM ONE WITH THE FORCE AND THE FORCE IS ONE WITH ME essentially. I can actually pull Astral energy from my astral form without even moving (possibly due to a past NDE/OBE) , however, movement and focus enhances attention/intention. Thereby, this enhances my ability to pull energy from the unseen/indescribable Force around me. There’s a great deal of lost/hidden reasoning behind the ancient Immortal Martial arts energy harnessing and moving/movement practices. In the current iteration of humanity, these things can only be rediscovered/utilized by those with second sight and the proclivity for channeling energy that’d tear apart the fragile mind and body of modern domesticated sheeplings in the collective human coop. If you have any idea what that means there’s hope that it doesn’t truly apply to you. Any which way, Love and Honor, now back to my meditations.

The Official Q and A Thread – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N13BgR8aBpk&t=15s

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