Rhodiola Rosea: Does This Herb Help Athletic Performance? | Herbs for Sports Performance

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Rhodiola Rosea is an antioxidant-rich plant that grows along the sea cliffs and mountainous regions of Europe and Asia.

Rhodiola has been used throughout human history as an adaptogen that helps fight off fatigue, biting cold, chills, trauma, and stress brought o n by living in such harsh conditions.

The plant enjoyed widespread renown due to its ability to fight off the pangs of fatigue and is still known for such effects.

Such use went on for millennia by the ancient inhabitants of the Arctic regions to help deal with the coldness of living in the area.

That’s what led to increasing attention by scientists examining what rhodiola can do to fight fatigue.

But while most of rhodiola’s reputation was based on the latter, it was only over a decade ago when scientists started paying attention to the plant’s ability to boost athletic performance.

Rhodiola not only boosts energy and athletic performance; it may also exhibit anti-depressant potential in individuals with mild to moderate depression.

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