Rritual Superfoods Stock Strikes Huge Deal With CVS (2021 Guidance Doubled)

Rritual Superfoods just announced a massive distribution deal with CVS, a national pharmacy chain with over $250B annual revenues. RSF Stock has been making a lot of big moves in the past few weeks including an Amazon store, Crossmark, New retial outlets, and more.

Rritual Superfoods just began trading publicly on the CSE under the ticker RSF after their IPO. Rritual Superfoods is specializing in the functional mushrooms and adaptogens space and is currently scaling their ecommerce and retail footprint. RSF Stock looks like a great opportunity for massive gains with a company in a booming industry that is gaining more and more traction everyday.

Rritual Superfoods CEO David Kerbal is bringing his 30+ years of experience in the retail and CPG sector fom Proctor and Gamble, Crossmark, and Celsius Holdings. Rritual is a brand new company and already has three fully developed products being produced in California as the company begins to be fully operational and generating sales.

Rritual superfoods raised just over $5 million in their IPO on the Canadian Securities Exchange and went public at a current valuation of approximately $18 million. Lots of room for this company to grow. The functional mushrooms industry is expected to be approximately $50 Billion by 2025 and growing with a CAGR of about 8%. The best part is how fragmented the industry is and how there are no dominant players who control the market. This allows room for all companies in the space to grow and room for consolidation down the road which is almost always shareholder friendly. Not only this, but functional mushrooms like lions mane, chaga, and reishi have been widely used for thousands of years and have clinical studies to back up the claims.

One of Rrituals main and only true competitors in the space right now is Laird Superfoods which went public on the NYSE and now has a market cap of $330 million on 2019 sales of 13 million and TTM of 22 million. This is a P/S ratio of about 15 – 25 which is consistnet with what other stocks in the vegan/plant based/organic foods and supplement industry are currently being valued at. Applying this to Rrituals projected 2021 revenue of about $8 million this would bring the market cap to 120m – 200m or a share price of about $2.00 – $3.30.

Rritual is looking to penetrate the market not only through their beautiful direct-to-consumer ecommerce website, but a personal Amazon store for the companies products. Offering products on the worlds largest marketplace is key to growing a business and can really accelerate sales if things begin to start taking off. Combine this with the management teams current efforts to lock down natural wellness product retail locations and expand their footprint of physical locations throughout the US and Canada right now and we’re looking at many potential revenue streams for Rritual stock and the question will then become how they are going to fulfill the demand.

Rritual is also solely trading. on the CSE right now which opens the opportunity for potential arbitrage since they are trading on one exchange. We have seen this many times with companies like Taat and Else Nutrition as their stock prices have exploded as soon as they up-listed from the CSE to the American markets OTC. RSF stock not only has the potential uplisting to the OTC markets, but also to a major exchange like the NYSE or NASDAQ as soon as they hit the requirements.

Functional mushrooms are a great business in that there are no regulations surrounding them and the addressable market is every living man, woman, and child which is rare. The opportunity in Rritual stock is clear and given the microscopic size of the company now since it has just been founded and preparing to take on the market I see a very favorable risk/reward ratio. If Rritul gets to a point where it’s doing $100 million in sales annually (.2% of functional mushrooms market) and is trading at a 10x multiple of revenue that will give RSF stock a $1 Billion market cap or in terms of stock price a gain from $.30 to $15, about a 50x gain.

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