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Review of Vista Clear Supplement

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you lost your eyesight? Eyes are a vital part of the body but you would be surprised to know that they are among the most neglected.

Losing your eyesight is a possibility especially as you age or spend most of your time in front of a computer or TV screen.

Sure, you may binge on carrots, or even get glasses to improve your eyesight, but not many people will find that ideal.

If you are looking for a natural and effective way of improving your vision, you may want to try Vista Clear supplement as it promises to do the same.

Will the supplement be worth your while, keep watching to find out.

What is Vista Clear?

As we have just mentioned, Vista Clear is a formula specially created to help attain better vision. It may interest you to know that it is manufactured under sanitary conditions and in compliance with regulations put in place about the same.

The supplement is essentially a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that work to enhance the health of your eyes.

Now, the product is backed by scientific studies and is tested. Besides, it has many positive reviews leading us to believe that it does deliver on its promises.

Best of all, it contains 100% natural ingredients so you are less likely to suffer serious side effects while using it.

How Vista Clear Works?

Vista Clear contains 26 ingredients that work to improve your vision. This is according to the official website.

Anyway, the supplement’s formula is obtained from a recipe that has been used in Australia for decades to improve its inhabitant’s eyesight.

Now, the ingredients in the supplement help keep the lens, retina, macula, cornea, and optic nerve of your eyes healthy.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that the product has many positive testimonials, wouldn’t you agree?

Vista Clear Ingredients

The power of this supplement lies in its ingredients but you probably already know that. What you don’t know is how exactly the ingredients work to improve your eyesight. Here you go!

Oat straw – Mainly recognized for its antioxidant properties, this ingredient helps in mood-boosting, reducing inflammation, and supporting brain function.

Bacopa Monnier – A little research and you will find out that this ingredient is a superfood that is predominantly used in Australia.

Anyway, it has been proven to enhance vision and brain health as well as offer antioxidant properties.

Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Hawthorn, Saint John’s wort, and skull Cap – A blend of these ingredients is thought to improve vision.

Rhodiola – Scientists refer to this ingredient as an adaptogen simply because it helps the eyes resist physical, environmental, and chemical stress.

In the Vista Clear formula, it helps reduce eye strain, headaches, and improves the quality of sleep.

Ashwagandha – This ingredient supports the health of eye neurons. What that means is that you have better night vision, color perception, and see further.

It is no wonder then that it was included in this formula.

Potassium and Magnesium – Have you ever had the feeling of fine particles in your eyes? That is one sign to show that your body lacks magnesium which then leads to poor sleep. Magnesium is included in Vista Clear to help with that.

Potassium on the other hand works to counter dry eyes.

Vitamin B complex and Zinc – Vitamin B complex safeguards signaling of the optic nerve while Zinc is an essential mineral that helps in improving the functionality of your eyes.

Velvet Bean – This one has a simple job of preventing blood clots from forming in the eyes.

Herbs and super Foods – In this category, the supplement features ingredients such as Passion Flower, Magnolia, and valerian all of which work to soothe the eyes, as well as reduce insomnia and anxiety.

As a bonus, they also regulate blood sugar.

Biotin – This ingredient is also known as vitamin H and helps in stabilizing blood sugar making it ideal for diabetic persons.

Vista Clear Benefits

Let us go through some of the benefits that you are going to enjoy when you purchase the Vista clear supplement.

1. The supplement counters the underlying issue of your eyesight problems so that you never have to deal with recurs.
2. Since the supplement does not contain any chemicals, it is safer than other options in the market.
3. It helps improve sleep and stress levels.
4. Improves color perception
5. Gluten-free and vegan friendly
6. The supplement is not addictive
7. It is easy to administer since it comes in capsule form.

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