Workout by @28unlocked using WODFitters resistance bands

Unlock your core power with @28unlocked ’ 💪👊💯🔥 Fire up the core with bands! 🔥
I love adding weight or bands to ab moves because they help to:
✅ increase core engagement (much needed after 2 kids!)
✅ helps with proper form by drawing the back flush to the floor avoiding an arched back
SAVE 📌 TAG and try this series. 20 reps each, 3 rounds.
🔥Train like a Woman Tip 🔥Are you stressed? 🤯
Cortisol (the stress hormone) increases abdominal fat. The keys to lowering cortisol are:
1️⃣ Keep glucose stable (regular meals ever 4 hours, eat 20G protein within 1 hour of waking, no late night snacks and smaller and smaller meals as day goes on
2️⃣ Exercise, meditation and an anti-inflammatory diet all help to reduce levels too.
3️⃣ Adaptogen supplement such as Rhodiola and Ashwaganda. If you feel the need for anti-anxiety meds, this might just help you get off of it or need less of it!
Got a mommy pouch? You’re not alone! Up to 60% of women postpartum will have DR (separation in abdominal wall).

✅Avoid flexion/extension exercises like sit-ups and crunches while trying to repair DR. Reverse crunches are safe since you are not lifting head and shoulders

✅ Focus in deep breathing while contracting abs and do exercises like these which are all DR safe!
Bands: @cactiperformance and @wodfitters

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WODFitters resistance bands grow your muscles and tone them at the same time.

WODFitters resistance bands improve the quality of your exercises.

WODFitters resistance bands help to focus your control.

WODFitters resistance bands recruit your stabilizing muscles.

WODFitters resistance bands are fundamental for functional training.

WODFitters resistance bands are a great alternative to machines. They’re lightweight.

WODFitters resistance bands are designed for compound exercises by providing control over the angle.

WODFitters resistance bands are great for all of your muscle groups, using bands can provide a deeper, more intense workout.

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