58 Amazing Health Benefits, Uses & Beauty Tips of Turmeric

Turmeric is a perennial plant of the ginger family. It native to asia and commonly used in currys. Turmeric has been used in Asia for thousands of years and was first used as a dye, and then later for its medicinal properties. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties but its also proven to be very benefical for the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized and healthy and helps in new cell formation in the skin. In this video I will show the amazing health benefits, beauty tips and uses for this spice.
1 turmeric face mask
there are literally hundreds of turmeric face packs that When used on the face and body, it can make the skin brighter, clearer, and flawless. depending on what type of skin you have you can mix with turmeric milk, lemon juice, honey, aloevera, etc. Its best to search on google what face pack you want according to your skin type but i do later in this video give tips on 2 more popular face masks
2 Blend your own curry powder
If there’s one thing turmeric is famous for, it’s the leading ingredient of an Indian curry.
Turmeric can used along with other spices to make your curry taste wonderful and beats any curry sauce straight from a jar. There are loads of recipes on the internet so why not give it a try!
3 Skin care: The oil can be used for skin massaging which helps reduction of acne, blackheads, scars making your skin soft and glow. Regular body massage removes all the skin imperfections giving a healthy skin complexion. You can even add few drops of turmeric oil to your bath water.

Anti-inflammatory: The turmeric oil massage provides relief from joint pains, muscle pains, cramps and arthritis because of its rich anti inflammatory properties. More about this later

4 Prevents Liver Damage
The Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) helps liver detoxify the blood. Turmeric encourages the production of vital enzymes that reduce toxins in body, thereby prevent liver damage. This is very beneficial to the liver. Eating turmeric helps fights cirrhosis and hepatitis.
5 Acne treatment
Due to its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, turmeric treats pimples in an effective manner. It prevents sebaceous glands from producing excess oil.
You can treat acne easily by mixing equal amount of turmeric and honey in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients completely until a smooth paste is formed. Apply this on affected area or you can apply it on your entire face. Let it stay for 40-50 minute and then wash off with plain water. Repeat it twice a day to get rid of acne rapidly.
Turmeric is a great remedy that will help get rid of your acne. Mix a pinch of cinnamon and turmeric with aloe vera gel and use it as a mask or spot treatment to exfoliate dead skin and fight acne.

Sunburn solution:
To get rid of sunburn mix 2-3 pinch of turmeric in one tbsp. of yoghurt. Apply this on affected area and it will soothe your sunburnt skin immediately. You can also use this mixture on your arms and face to get rid of tanned and pigmented skin.

Dandruff remedy

Some people state Turmeric is especially helpful in treating fungal infections like dandruff. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Organic Turmeric Powder in 2 tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil and apply all over the scalp. Rinse off and shampoo as usual to prevent and treat dandruff.

Turmeric face wash:

Turmeric is known for centuries for its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Add 2 tbsp of honey add pinch of turmeric and use it as a cleanser, massage the mixture all over the skin and rinse to help soften and smooth the skin.


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