Turmeric Ginger Shots – Immunity Boosting Tea or Drink (Kashayam or Kadha)

In today’s video we will show you how to easily prepare turmeric ginger shots, also called Kadha or Kashayam, a concoction or decoction of fresh turmeric and ginger with immunity boosting spices like cardamom, cinnamom, cloves, carom, jaggery, etc.

During these times of the flu your body needs an immunity booster. These immunity boosting shots are delicious and help your body and mind heal. immunity boosting foods like turmeric and ginger are extremely useful and we show you how these immunity boosting foods will boost your body’s immunity to help you lead a healthy life.

A turmeric ginger shot is not only delicious but is loaded with vitamins and minerals. This immunity boosting tea is what your body needs during these critical times.


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