Adaptogenic herbs in Ayurveda

Learn about Adaptogenic herbs in Ayurveda from Dr. Juliette Sweet, ND Adaptogens are organic pharmaceuticals. They work to combat the results of tension in the body. Stress causes physical changes in the body, hurting the neurological, endocrine, and body immune systems. Adaptogens have stimulant commercial or residential properties that assist in combatting those harmful results. Adaptogens were first developed and studied throughout World War II.
Researchers were trying to find a way to assist healthy pilots in operating at even higher levels. Generally, they were looking for a “superhero” tablet that would let the pilots fly much better, quicker, and for more extended periods. And they believed they found it in the form of adaptogens. The Soviet Union published military studies about a stimulant called Schisandra Chinensis that was utilized back then. It was found that seeds and berries eaten by Nanai hunters lowered their appetite, thirst, and exhaustion. It even enhanced their capability to see during the night.


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