Jim Coover – Discovering Adaptogenic Herbs and their benefits

STOP and read/watch this!! This is FASCINATING! I have to share this amazing video of our CEO and Co-Founder calling into the amazing wellness event I attended last night, hosted by the Aspen International Wellness Project! If you are into any kind of wellness, geek out over this! Jim Coover shares about his experience over 30 years ago working with some of the best scientists in the Soviet Union before its fall! He talks about their research (much of it top secret at the time) on adaptogenic herbs and how they were using them to fuel astronauts in their space programs and the best athletes/olympians in the world! He talks about researching the scientific validity in century old herbs, and how some of them have found their way into our western lifestyle! And 10 years later, how this amazing research has become part of a foundation in our nutrition!

You may just be hearing about Adaptogens, or adaptogenic herbs, or nature’s answer to stress, but they’ve been a part of our nutrition for almost 20 years! Our company has pioneered the use of adaptogens, and is leading the way in nutrition that feeds the body what it needs for optimal health! We are literally paving the path with nutrition that contains century old scientifically proven ingredients, with deep roots in eastern medicine, and in real research dedicated to supporting the smartest/most skilled professions on the planet!

You should ALL watch him speak about this! Absolutely fascinating! But would love to hear here/privately from my doctor friends, nurses, wholistic healers, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, trainers, athletes, parents, and any and all professions! How do you use adaptogenic herbs in your lives or in your practice?!

For more information or to see what solutions we have that contain adaptogenic herbs, please contact me at audreysonger@gmail.com, or visit www.audreyfreysonger.isagenix.com or you can also check out gotakealook.info


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