The power of Adaptogens.

What in the world is an adaptogen?

Find out in this video!!

Adaptogens are some of the best herbs on the planet becuase they have the following characteristics:

– Non toxic
– Stabilize stress levels in the body
– Work through the HPA axis
– Reduce cortisol levels
– Return the body to homeostasis

Some of my favorite adaptogens include:
Licorice Root
Holy Basil

Adaptogens are wonderful plant allies to work with to help with managing the stress of your busy life!

Some other benefits inlcude:
– Enhance overall performance
– Boost brain function
– Help to regulate your nervous system

CAUTION: Always consult with a professional before starting any herbal regimen.

If you need guidance or have questions, message me!

What is your favoritie adaptogen and why? Comment below


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