Top 5 Daily Adaptogens & Supplements

There’s an almost infinite number of different herbs and supplements to consider out there, but here are my top five from the herbal category and top five from the supplement category. There’s quite a few more that I love- it was hard to pick! In retrospect, probably should’ve included long chain omega 3s in the supplement list, but not sure what I would’ve kicked out to fit it in… maybe ubiquinol? But dang, ubiquinol is so good. Let’s just consider fish/krill/algae oil a part of the “health diet component” 😄


0:00 Intro
0:30 Reishi Mushroom
0:50 Cordyceps
1:11 Astragalus
1:44 Ashwagandha
2:14 Tremella Mushroom
2:29 Molecular Hydrogen
2:57 Magnesium
3:05 D3K2
3:30 Ubiquinol
3:54 Gut Health Trio
4:25 Put it all together!

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