Recess Mood Powder, Calming Magnesium L-Threonate Blend with Passion Flower, L-Theanine, Electrolytes, Magnesium Calm Support Supplement

Price: $18.48
(as of May 03, 2024 16:31:57 UTC – Details)

Stressed out? Take a Recess and add some calm to whatever you’re drinking.
More than just a magnesium powder, our *signature powder blend* calms the mind and lifts the mood with magnesium, adaptogens and electrolytes.
Now featuring 50% DV of magnesium per serving, with magnesium L-threonate, a new form of magnesium shown to effectively increase brain magnesium levels, passion flower and L-theanine to calm the mind, and electrolytes for hydration.
Comes in three delicious flavors: lemon citrus and gradient berry for your water or smoothie, and unflavored for your coffee, tea or whatever you’re drinking.
10 calories or less per serving and no added sugar.